Vibrators are definitely the most popular adult toy among women. They come in different size, shapes, speeds and colors and every woman can pick up the one which suits her most. Except for masturbation, they can be also used by couples to enhance sexual pleasure of both partners. Vibrators are also very useful toys especially for women who have problem with reaching orgasm. As we can see, the vibrator can be used for many purposes. This delightful adult toy is able to cure loneliness, enriched sexual experience and solve some serious problem if a man fails.

The vibrator has a long history and it is rooted in female physical illness not pleasure. It does sound a little bit bizarre, I agree.

The first vibrator was invented by American doctor George Taylor in the mid 1800’s. This vibrator was a large steam-powered tool which was placed underneath a table with a hole. It was used to cure hysteria in women by stimulating women’s clitoris. It was believed that different kind of illnesses by which women are affected can be cured in this way, which is by masturbation. It was believed that women could not have experienced orgasm because they didn’t have sexual feelings. And for that reason, they needed a little help. This was the only therapy for the healing from curse of hysteria, for many years.

This vibrating sphere had large dimension and it couldn’t have been used discreetly. They were unreliable and sometimes dangerous.

The first electro-mechanical vibrators appeared in 1884 and since that time, popularity of vibrator has risen and women began buying these toys for themselves. They became extremely popular during the sixties and seventies when the women sexuality became less of taboo. Thanks to the books, movies and TV shows, the attitude toward the use of vibrators has become more positive. They have changed their shape, size and functions over the years and today we have vibrators that can satisfy every taste and to please every desire.

Today, there are many different models of vibrators that can be used during foreplay or intercourse. There are vibrators which are specially designed for clitoral simulation only and those models which are dildo-shaped and can be used for anal and vaginal simulation simultaneously. There are also rabbit vibrators which simulate the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. Popular G-spot vibrators are specially designed to simulate the famous G-spot in women. Egg-shaped vibrator can be used for the massage of clitoris or can be inserted into vagina. Waterproof are safe to use in the shower.

Furthermore, there are models which can be used anally for women who like this kind of sexual pleasure.

Today’s models of vibrators are shaped as everyday objects and are portable so you can use them on the go. They are made to boost your sexual pleasure not to cure an alleged illness. The main problem that modern women have is which one to choose. The selection greatly depends on personal preference.